Backup & Disaster Recovery

Go Beyond Backup.  DDKinfotech Delivers Full System Continuity to Businesses of Every Size

Most small and mid-sized businesses do not make backup and business continuity a priority until they experience a disaster or data loss. Downtime can cost a typical small business $3,000 or more per day!

According to recent research, small and mid-sized businesses still haven’t recognized the tremendous impact a disaster can have on their organizations – jeopardizing their customers, their reputation, and even their business.

How can we help?

DDKinfotech offers robust backup and Disaster Recovery solutions to make sure your data is well protected. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions can restore your failed systems to full operations in minutes. We offer reasonably priced, comprehensive solutions

  • Provides high availability, redundant off-site co-location facilities
  • Bring downed servers up in hours, not days, giving you fast access to data that keeps your business running
  • Replaces management-intensive, error-prone tape back-up with a quickly deployed onsite device


Online Backup for Desktops

Server Backup and Disaster Recovery

We know that running a business is stressful enough already. Rely on DDKinfotech’s backup and disaster recovery solutions to keep you in control and your company fully operating.

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