Why choose VOIP phones for your small business ?

According to FCC use of VOIP increased 21%, to over 30 million VOIP subscribers in the U.S. alone. As a small business, you need easy way to communicate with your customers and business partners. You want a system that you can rely on is not complicated.

Some of the advantages of running VOIP system is that you don’t need the phone lines that are hard to track and maintain. This should also translate into less real estate as you will not be using the clunky old switch that is occupying large space in your computer room or your phone room. The providers system is your system. All you have is cable that is coming from your provider in your computer room. Not to mention all the nice features that you will now get as a result of switching to a VOIP system. Some of the features that are very attractive to businesses are Direct Inward Dial, calling directly from your computer or laptop, forwarding calls to your mobile or home phone.

Legacy phone systems are generally supported by legacy companies. VOIP vendors work differently, most of them will offer web-based software, and can respond to changes in marketplace quickly than the legacy phone system counterparts. They usually will provide web-based customer support, as well as over the phone help, so you really don’t have to wait until an expensive technician comes in to repair something that may have broken.

Most employees these days are computer and web savvy. They would rather deal with a less complicated system and features that they can manage on their own on the web as opposed to features that are available on a old traditional telephone system. With a VOIP system features such as call forwarding, find-me follow-me features are much easier to program in case your employees are out of the office or working from home and would like their phone calls at a different location.

Ultimately, you are the judge what’s best for your company, and more importantly, what gets the job done most efficiently. Keep in mind VOIP are now more mainstream and will give you most bang for your buck.

If you happen to be in the market or your current phone system does not cut it for you give us a call and we will help you navigate all the choices that you have and assist you in acquiring a phone system that will meet your budgetary and business needs.

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