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DDKinfotech can develop strategies that combine various aspects of search and digital marketing to create Search Engine Marketing campaings that are cost-effective. DDKinfotech offers full-service PPC Management driven by the simple premise of driving results out of all proportion to the cost. Bottom-line we will help you so that your website can be found on the Internet when your potential customers search for your services or products.

Basic elements of our work process include:


You know your business best, and at this step you will be intimately involved with us in providing us your expertise and insights so we can learn your business goals. At this stage we spend a lot of time in conversation with you understanding your business, competitors, industry leaders, target audience, target geography and much more.

We then take this information and do further research and analysis using our tools and come back to you with our findings and together we agree on a list of keywords/phrases that we will work with that best describe your marketing campaign.

Create Campaigns

After the Research stage, we structure and fine-tune the keyword, ad-copy of your campaign. During this stage we optimize and adjust as many elements of the campaign as possible to align with your goals.

Track and Optimize

Tracking and Optimizing is the most important aspect of a PPC campaign. We take a pro-active, dynamic approach of continually analyzing details of your campaigns and making adjustments to achieve the best results. We expand the existing keyword list and test it using complex algorithms to deliver optimal Click through rate (CTR) and Cost per click (CPC). We create multiple alternative listings and test each of them in conjunction with original lists to maximize CTR, which is very important on search engines such as Google.

We monitor the results daily on an ongoing basis, adjustments in bids, titles and descriptions are made according to competitive bids and listings.


We will provide a comprehensive reporting which will be clear and transparent. We will provide trend analysis of your keywords and conversions.

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