What fonts should you choose for your Website

Today it is very important for companies to have Web presence, whether it is a website comprising of a few pages, a blog or a social media profile. The design of your site or blog is just as important as the content and products that you offer in keeping your clients engaged. It is understandable that not every small business owner can afford to hire a graphic designer, and depending on the size of your business, the expense may be unnecessary.

There are small things that you can do to improve the overall look of your Web presence. A great place to start would be to browse the web and look at other sites that you think are well designed, notice the style, the fonts and overall look and feel of the website, and try to make similar choices for yours. If your budget is tight you can also utilize tools such as WordPress themes. There are many great looking WordPress themes that have been designed by Professional graphic designers and only cost a small one-time fee to use.

When putting together your website, it is very easy to overlook the font that represents your company. Remember the easier the typeface is to read, the longer visitors to your site will stay focused on what you are trying to tell them. So pick a font that will be easy to read and will keep your audience engaged and not turn them off. General rule of thumb is sticking with two fonts, one font for the header and a simple font for the body. The header font can be more bold and decorative, something that will add personality to your website, for rest of the site copy its best to go with simple, clean and legible font. We recommend something like Arial, Helvetica, Verdana or Trebuchet.

Depending on the type of your business you may choose different font types. A financial website may use a typeface that is clean and simple. But a company that is in the business of event services such as throwing birthday parties and providing clowns and characters might choose something fun.

Its best to choose a font that is gong to stand the test of time rather than using something that may go out of fashion in a year.

So what font do you use for your website?

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