Want to plug your iphone directly into the wall

Juicetank will let you plug your iphone directly into the wall without the use of wires. Have you run into situations where you are frantically searching for your iphone charger and your battery is giving you a 10% warning? With Juicetank you don’t have to worry about that charger because you can just plug the iphone directly into the main socket.

The con is that it is a little bulky, but it folds away when you are not using it. Juicetank is not currently on sale, as they are looking for backing and funding. One can pledge just $1 to get updates on JuiceTank as they are in the development stage, or you can pledge $55 to guarantee yourself a case when they go on sale. If you pledge $75 then you will get a limited edition JuiceTank that features some colored accents.


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