New iphone baby !

Apple announced new iphone today. To the disappointment of everyone that was waiting for an iphone 5, apple announced that the new phone will be iphone 4s, a successor to iphone 4.


Here are some of the main features that were announced

  • The new device will go on sale Dec 1.
  • New A5 chip which has 7X graphics
  • Dual core processor
  • Dual core graphics
  • It will have 8 hours of talk time on 3G and 14 hours 2G talk time, so hence no 4G unlike some of their competitors running Android
  • 6 hours of browsing and 9 hours of Wifi, the wireless antenna will switch between transmit and receive
  • Downloads speed will be up to 14.4 mbps, but ufcourse for that you have to be on a WIFI as none of the carriers currently offer that speed
  • It will work on a GSM and CDMA network, that is good for users travel and can switch between carriers if needed without trading the actual phones
  • iphone 4s can do Airplay mirroring, so you can use it for presentations
  • This is probably the biggest feature of them all – iphone 4s will have a hands free feature called Ask Siri, this feature will Read your messages to you hands-free, it is like a Voice assistant. You could ask Siri questions like….do i have any appointments this Thursday at Noon, and Siri would reply: “You don’t have anything on your calendar this Thursday…”. This is a great feature and will enable handsfree activity. This feature was incorporated by apple using it’s acquisition of a company named Siri.



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