Managed Security Services

Data Security has become a top concern for businesses.  Network security is no longer just a discussion point any longer, a growing number of regulatory requirements are obliging businesses to secure the digital safety and integrity of personal information and financial data that is stored and transferred from their computer networks.

Leverage DDKinfotech’s security service

DDKinfotech’s Managed Security Services can help your organization overcome these challenges. Our advanced technology, expert intelligence, and superior scale reduce the costs and complexity of network security, improve security posture, and ease the compliance burden. By leveraging SilverSky’s security expertise, you can empower your IT department to focus on core business activities without security worry.

DDKinfotech’s Managed Security Services include:

Event Monitoring and Response

DDKinfotech’s team of security experts monitors the critical devices on your network 24×7, eliminating the need to staff an internal security team around the clock. Our team utilizes advanced techniques to investigate any suspicious activity and will take immediate action to prevent attacks from occurring. Because SilverSky correlates all security events across our massive customer base, we can identify and respond to emerging threats more quickly—we call this the “neighborhood watch effect.”

UTM Management

DDKinfotech’s UTM Management solution enables organizations to reduce costs and complexity and drive down security risk. Our security experts manage your UTM devices and monitor your network 24×7, empowering your IT team to focus on core business activities. We also leverage our extensive compliance expertise to reduce the costs and headaches associated with meeting regulatory compliance. DDKinfotech offers Firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN Remote User Access, Web Content Filtering, and Anti-Virus solutions as part of a multi-layered UTM package or on an a-la-carte basis.

Network Device Management

Network devices such as routers, switches, and circuits must be managed and monitored carefully to prevent security breaches and maintain compliance. SilverSky will monitor these devices 24×7, handle all configurations and updates, and immediately notify your team of any potential issues


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