Is your IT Team too slow to respond ?

Signs that your IT team is too slow

1. Your computers get infected with viruses and malware all the time – Information security is one of the fundamental roles of IT. If your IT service provider or your IT team is not marshaling it, then who will? Businesses need their IT provider to be experts in security, and they should be able to make risk assessments in a business context.

2. New computing capacity can take months: Today all businesses rely heavily on computing to run their businesses. If your applications are running slow and your IT team’s response is that it will take months to increase computing capacity, add servers then you are probably dealing with sub-standard provider or your IT team is not up to par in technology. Today IT has options to map out future growth and with the availability of data center type architecture and cloud computing for SMBs there should be no reason where computing power/capacity can be added on demand.

3. IT team does not want to experiment with Startups: IT team often will shrug off startup companies and their technologies “as flashy new innovation”. IT needs to help businesses with their speed of thought, sparking new ideas ahead of the competition

4. IT team and marketing doesn’t mix well: With social media, email newsletters, Online surveys, Online webinars, you tube videos taking over the marketing world, marketing as defined today is totally tech driven discipline. If your IT team does not understand marketing or they have problems implementing marketing technology systems, or your IT team gives marketing initiatives a low priority then this may be affecting your business.

5. Policy agains using certain types of mobile phones: Many businesses today have a BYOC (bring your own computer) policy. If your IT team is still stuck in the era where your employees are not allowed to use their cutting edge mobile devices such as iphones and ipads on the network to do their regular routine tasks then your IT team is probably behind the times.

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