Is your data backed up properly?


Hybrid Backup

While much of the destruction to physical property caused by disasters such as Super Storm Sandy are indeed difficult if not impossible to avoid, the IT experts at DDKInfoTech, a division of the DDK & Company LLP, can now assist your firm in assuring the continuity of your system capabilities while protecting and maintaining access to the vital data you and your customers depend on.

Through both on-site and off-site equipment and data back-up systems, individually designed and tailored to the needs of DDK clients, DDK InfoTech’s customer-customized information technology service can help you virtually eliminate the down-time and related productivity loss caused by computer terminal and back-room crashes and the accompanying data destruction associated with storms, floods, fires and other disasters, as well as the impact of human error.

To learn more about how DDK InfoTech services provides a natural, cost effective and highly efficient extension to DDK’s accounting services, and how to receive a no-obligation analysis and price quote, please contact Raj Katyal, Director of IT Services for answers to any questions you may have or to set up a no-obligation appointment.

In less than an hour, we can tell you if your data management and back up strategy and equipment is sufficient to meet your needs and, if not, how we can help you rest assured: Knowing that your business can withstand something as simple as a short term power disruption or a catastrophic disaster.

Let us help you be prepared. Let us help you save money.

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DDKinfotech, a division of DDK & Company LLP, is a full-service IT support company.  We work with NYC companies that have little or no internal IT resources and augment the IT functions in larger companies.  To learn more about our services please visit our website atwww.ddkinfotech.com

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