How our Clients use iPads for their business

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Today there are millions of apps that one can choose from, how can you make sure that you and your employees are empowered with the right tools?

1. For Selling

Apple iPad has a large, interactive screen which can be used as a great mobile selling tool, our clients use it to engage their clients in real time as a digital projector. They use SlideRocket app from the Appstore to edit and share their presentations on the go.

2. Answering Phones

Well I didn’t think that iPad had a built in phone? Yes, you are correct, however, there are apps available by different phone vendors that can be installed on the iPad, most of our Clients use Shoretel communicator, which makes their iPad act as their office phone extension. You can go ahead and answer your office phone while on the road, retrieve your voicemail, basically transform your iPad into a powerful business tool. There are also certain other apps available from the AppStore that will make your iPad into a full-fledged Virtual phone system with professional recorded greetings, custom menus etc.

3. Accessing their business Applications from anywhere

Want to run Microsoft Office on your iPad? How about that Time Entry application to do your timesheet while you are on the train, how about logging in a taking a look at an Account Balance in Quickbooks or just quickly sending off an email or a chat message to your colleague that you will be late for the meeting? With our cloud services we can run your business in the cloud and make all of the above possible. You can run all your business applications as an app on your iPhone or iPad. We use clever technology to tranform your business into a Private Cloud so your employees can access all your applications and data from anywhere securely.

4. Get paid on the spot

Mobile payments apps like Square let you process credit card transactions quickly and easily using your iPad. A small white device attaches to the iPad and you can swipe your card and accept payment on the fly. Square is rolling out a pilot in the next few weeks where they will replace backseat TVs in NYC taxis with iPads encased in metal sleeves equipped with Square hardware. Passengers will be able to pay for their ride any point during the trip. The passengers will receive receipts to their emails or as a text message.

iPad is another medium which will allow your employees to collaborate, communicate and work more efficiently. Contact Us today if you would like to discuss your business’ mobile strategy.


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