Does your business have a cyber security plan?

Why is a cyber security plan essential for a small business? If you are a small business owner, don’t think that hackers are not interested in you or your data. A recent story in Entrepreneur magazine, relying on data provided by computer security company Symantec, indicated that small businesses with one to 250 employees suffered 30 percent of all cyber crimes this past year.

End point protection is important

Any cyber security plan begins with an anti-virus software. This software is critical for small business owners. Anti-virus isn’t the only protection that is needed today, but companies that don’t have any anti-virus protection are setting themselves up for an extensive hack.

Employee Education

Business owners need to make sure that their employees are aware of the need for deleting suspicious email messages, whether sent by known or unknown sources. Businesses must educate their employees never to click on the links contained in suspicious email messages. Anti-malware, Firewalls, intrusion protection and web filtering are some additional steps that small businesses can take to mitigate the risks that are prevalent today.

DDKinfotech has been helping small businesses mitigate the risks of cyber attacks.   Speak to someone today to learn more how we may be able to assist your small business.

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