Disaster Recovery FAQs

1. Do you provide a hybrid cloud backup solution?

Yes, ours is a hybrid cloud backup solution.  A hybrid cloud backup solution is optimal to achieve intelligent business continuity, as it encapsulates the best of the private and public models to form a feature rich, highly efficient, and affordable system.

2.  Does DDKinfotech’s backup and disaster recovery solution provide instant local virtualization?

– Downtime costs you money.  Being down for hours is simply unacceptable.  Our BDR solution allows you to have servers booting instantly locally so that your business services can be restored and back in the right place in a matter of minutes.

3.  Does your backup solution provide proof of a backup?

– Our solution provides a screenshot verification.   We are able to setup an alert to any email address where you will receive a screenshot verification of your server booting up after the backup completes.

4.  How about off-site virtualization?

–  It’s imperative to offer our Clients the peace of mind that their critical business infrastructure can be brought online quickly in the cloud.  This allows continuous uptime.

5.  Does DDKinfotech deliver an off-site sync method that manages bandwidth?

It’s critical that a BDR solution be able to prioritize if data is local or off-site, thus managing bandwidth to provide greater flexibility, increased reliability, and higher transfer speeds of your off-site backups.   Our solution does that.

6.  Does DDKinfotech maintain multiple data centers, in geographically diverse locations?

DDKinfotech understands how important it is to have multiple data centers located in geographically diverse locations.  This is important for three reasons.  First, it ensures that even if data is removed locally, there is a secure copy off-site that can be restored.  Second, it saves money because your local device capacity does not have to cover your entire backup repository.  And third, in case of a regional disaster, at least one data center location must not be affected.

7.  Does DDKinfotech outsource support to overseas?

– DDKinfotech’s support team is US based.  If you are in a middle of a backup or disaster crisis, you need the best technical and customer support available, at the time its required.

DDKinfotech offers Intelligent business continuity solution that takes BDR to the next level, to mitigate risk and keep our Client’s systems running in the event of a technical or natural disaster.


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