Blackberry’s outage today was due to email backup caused in Europe

According to David Yach, CTO of Research in motion, a backlog of messages to Europe has created a domino outage effect around the globe.

The main cause of the European Blackberry email service outage started 3 days ago. According to Bach there is no evidence that a hack or security breach was involved.

RIM customers in American started experiencing outage today where as European customers have been down for approximately 3 days. According to RIM their failover did not function as expected, despite the fact they regularly test the failover systems. This led to a significant backup of emails to be delivered.

According the CTO many customers are impacted world wide in variety of ways. “Some see delays, and some service interruption”.

RIM is working around the clock and globally to try and restore the service. RIM said that they are focusing on clearing out the backlog of email, and they will deliver all emails, and will not drop any messages.


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