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Online banking fraud commonly uses botnet kits such as Zeus and SpyEye to perpetrate financial crimes. This advanced malware is installed on millions of PCs and mobile devices affecting consumers and businesses, and result in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of online banking fraud each year. If financial fraud occurs as a result of this malware, victim companies may have to absorb these losses.

Best Practices for the Businesses as per NSS Labs

1. Take steps to reduce the risk of financial malware infection (Patching, current endpoint protection and antimalware software, and limit administrator access).

2. Ensure that the bank has multiple contact methods for corporate employees who can promptly validate transactions or identify fraud

3. Make your employees familiar with bank-provided security awareness and education. Also, provide your employees security awareness on a regular basis to keep them informed and diligent

4. Sign up for your Bank’s SMS/Email alerting and check your account balances and posted transactions on a daily basis

5. Keep the direct contact details of the bank antifraud department, contact them immediately in cases of suspicious activity

6. Impose transactions limit on accounts, and limit money transfer services to that which is required on a regular basis for normal operation of the business

7. Limit the ability for any single company employee to fully administer the corporate account


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