Are you sure you are prepared for a disaster? When was the last time you checked?

If you answer No to any of these questions below, your data may be at risk. Your data and applications should be protected all the time.

  • Are your laptops and desktops protected automatically?
  • Is a copy of your data moved off site each day, safe from fire, flood, or sabotage
  • Can you backup Systems running different versions of Operating systems? Microsft Windows, Linux and or Mac?
  • Can you quickly get your servers up and running and work off the cloud if your business site is damaged?
  • Can you do it all without spending upfront costs on new hardware and software?

All organizations no matter how small have business-critical data and applications that they need to protect. Trust me systems do get hacked, files do get corrupted, and as we all know from the recent weather news, disaster like fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods do happen. You know that without a means of business continuity, system outages or lost data can halt your business and incur potentially unrecoverable losses to customer satisfaction, sales, reputation and revenue.

Do you know that if one or all of your systems fail that your data can be restored quickly and business can continue as usual?

We provide clever solutions that will bring you peace of mind and ensure that your business data will be available, no matter what happens.

Recover your Office in the Cloud

We know when a disaster strikes you are out of power, out of physical office space so what do you do to ensure that your business can operate. DDKinfotech’s Cloud Backup Solutions enable failover of all backed-up servers via the cloud, so that business members can quickly get back to work from anywhere, be it their home, a temporary office, or even Starbucks, without having to set up a new network, firewall, or other hardware and software. We get you up and running in a matter of hours, minimizing any negative impact on your business operations and productivity.

Nobody wants disaster to strike, but if it does make sure that you are prepared when it does – as it may sooner or later, and next time if someone asks you if You are prepared for a diaster, confidently say “Yes”.

DDKinfotech will create your virtual office that will create your downed office in the Cloud. Call us for a free consultation to discuss Disaster Preparedness for your Data and Applications.



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