Are you covered if another nasty hurricane hits your area ?

Terrorists attacks on 9/11, NYC blackout, Hurricane Irene have all proven that all businesses no matter how small should think about how to protect their computer equipment from extreme events that are beyond anyone’s control. All it takes is a little bit of planning, a specific list that will help you recover your business back to normal if there was physical damage to your office space. Here is a starting point which includes most important items that you must consider when preparing such list.

1. This is probably the most important step. Make sure you have offsite backups and make sure that can be restored. Well how do you accomplish this? You have your team run a test of a full restore. Note down how long it takes for a full system restore, if the time it takes to restore is not acceptable you may need to invest in some newer/emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, that can get you up and running much faster.

2. Make sure your most important business documents are stored in a fireproof storage preferably offsite.

3. How will you handle phone calls if you have physical damage to your office? Are you able to redirect the calls to a branch office or to a cell phone. You could engage an answering service also until your phones are back online. Another option is VOIP which will allow you to redirect calls by going to a web page.

4. If you are going to operate from home or from a branch office do you have some spare computing capacity that you can use for key employees that may need to work from these locations if necessary?

As mentioned earlier one of the most important thing that you can do is to make sure that your critical business data is backed up elsewhere and it can be retrieved in a reasonable amount of time even if your physical location suffers significant damage. If you currently don’t have a secure offsite backups and need help DDKinfotech can help. You can read more about DDKinfotech’ s offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions by clicking here.

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