2018 Cybersecurity Report

Cybersecurity Report: First Half of 2018

Data security threats are becoming increasingly dangerous. According to the 2018 Breach Level Index, 4.5 billion data records were compromised in the first half of the year, which is a 133% increase from the 2017 report. That’s more than 25 million data records stolen everyday and more than 17,000 records every minute! These stolen records were the result of the 945 breach incidents reported, primarily occurring in North America.
The top source of data breaches, accumulating 80% of the records, were from malicious outside actors. Human error, from accidental data loss, allowed these malicious cyber criminals to access data from 318 if the 945 breach incidents.
With the cyber security threat landscape rising every day, it is essential that you protect your business from the victims of these attacks. Eliminating human error from the cause of data breaches is a great first step in securing company data. Providing security awareness training to all of your employees will teach them what to be cautious of when opening emails or browsing the web and allows them to practice their knowledge through simulated phishing attempts. Additionally, having a strong cybersecurity strategy is critical to preventing cyber-attacks.
DDKinfotech can help provide these resources and support to your organization to ensure that you are not the victim of the next cyber attack.

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