15 Ways to Protect Your Business

Cyber attacks have been a scary reality for businesses and individuals.Many small to medium sized business owners have neglected to prioritize security in their business, ultimately putting themselves at risk.

Businesses of all sizes are potential targets to cyber criminals.In fact, 58% of all malware attack victims are categorized as small businesses.As the frequency of cyber attacks grow, it is important to have proactive and reactive procedures put in place to protect your organization!

If you havent thought about your IT security strategy, we urge you to take the initial steps to securing your business!Take a look at our cyber attack prevention checklist , which outlines 15 different steps that you can take to prevent a potential breach.

If you find that you are not taking all of the preventative measures, make sure to give us a call.DDKinfotech can handle all of your IT security needs, from creating an security strategy, training your employees to managing your technology!Call us at 212.997.0600 or visit our website for more information.

About the author: Raj Katyal

Raj is the Director at DDKinfotech. Raj has over 16 years of experience in IT Management and over 10 years of experience in the MSP industry, holding both Management and Technical level positions during this time. He has tremendous experience in running an IT Support service for SMBs and works diligently everyday in ensuring that DDKinfotech has the right people, processes and technology to support and value to the Clients.

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